Saturday, October 31, 2009


* didn't take any pictures of the girls in their halloween costumes! ack!
* had a lovely time trick or treating in the drizzle (at least it's warm out!) with the family, the grandparents of the east, aunt micayla, uncle ryan and ryleigh!
* has more candy than she knows what to do with!!
* had a delicious dinner at olive garden thanks to the grandparents! yum-0 and thank you for the special treat!!!
* is still pregnant and really really ready for it to be over with. Thank goodness Monday is getting closer every day.
* is dreading the time change and wondering what time the girls will get up tomorrow!
* is so thankful to be a wife and a mother--what a blessing and a joy my family is!
* and also thankful that my nephew Ethan was able to go home today!! yay that my brother's little family it complete and at home together!!

good night!

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Breezy said...

To go with your format...

*how wonderful for your bro and SIL that the new little man is home! Keeping them in my thoughts!

*feel free to call me if you need any help with that candy! ;-)

*and on that same strain, now I want Olive Garden, too!! Mmmmm....

*SOOOO happy that tomorrow is Monday!! Keeping you and E in my thoughts and prayers can CAN NOT wait to meet him!! HANG IN THERE- sending you all of the good luck and love I can muster up!!!!