Friday, October 23, 2009

Shelly's Snippets (cause that's all the pregnant lady has strength for)

* my nephew is here! after a long and annoying and disorganized ordeal of a day, amy and ethan are doing well. it is extremely irritating (putting it nicely) to me that my brother and his wife's first childbirth was marred by stress--it's difficult to give birth under the best of circumstances--i pray that they will have much peace and joy--b/c once you get through everything that's difficult and awful about childbirth--it really really is wonderful.
* speaking of childbirth--i. feel. like. crap. today. i'm hoping that's a *good* sign and that ezra is getting ready to BREAK out...well, hopefully glide out or something a little less violent--although there really isn't an adjective that describes childbirth in a way that doesn't make me queasy.
* maeve had her 2 yo check up! she's a little 10th percentile peanut but growing well! (23 pounds, 32 inches). she's come a long way from her "failure to thrive" days! (don't even get me started on THAT nonsense.
* heading to the couch to put my feet up now--did i mention i feel icky? comes with the 39 weeks and counting territory!
* please continue to pray for amy and ethan--hopefully the doctors work out a care plan for his kidney issues soon--he is stable and doing well though and i hear he's extremely cute--which, isn't surprising at all since his parents (and aunt) are so stinkin' cute!
* also happy birthday to my PLL! i know it was yesterday but i wasn't much of a blogger yesterday =)

happy friday!!

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