Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why Shelly Never (And Will Never) Complain About Doing Laundry

**My father was here this weekend and finished installing our FIRST *working* washer and dryer that my husband and I have *owned* since we've been married (ahem...8.5 years...)**
So. Happy. To. Do. Laundry.
Thanks Dad!!!!
(He also installed hand rail on the stairs, fixed my cabinet and did many misc. jobs--I'm so thankful for ALL of his hard work!!!)


JerseyGranny said...

So happy for your W&D!! Woo Hoo!! And so thankful for you Dad!

Pamela said...

yay for doing laundry at home!!!
so are you going to use cloth for little e?

Sheri said...

I know! We got that and a garage ( our first) 2 years ago( at 28 years of age:) and the excitement still hasn't worn off!!!! perfect timing!

Madre said...

dadeo says 'you're welcome, he loves you, and use your W & D in good health'