Friday, August 27, 2010

It was absolutely glorious this morning--such beautiful and *cool-ish/warm-ish* weather we've been having (instead of the so hot you think you're going to die type weather!!)!!
We had a super busy day! We ran a bunch of errands in the morning and got groceries....came home for nap and woke the kids up early from nap to get Amelie's
 *Going to School* pictures taken.
They came out really cute!
It turns out the photographer was one of my husband's old students! She was very nice. =) Almost everywhere we go somebody knows my husband--such a popular fella! =)
We also had to take our car to get some work done on it today AND after the photo shoot came home and Amelie and I rearranged the entire play room to become her permanent-ish bedroom.
She and Maeve were sharing but Maeve was keeping up Amelie until 10 or later every night just talking to her! Amelie tried out the third floor on a trial basis and is doing great up there so tonight is her first official nigth in her rearranged space.
This week since the girls have been separated, everyone is sound asleep by 8.
It is amazing.
I can't even explain how much more restful it is!
I'm so thankful we have the space to split them up b/c it just wasn't really working! Amelie is in heaven in her new room-
-I do hope the girls can be back together someday--we might just need to wait until Maeve is a little older =)
That's it for now! It was a really good day and I'm off to help my husband work in his *man room* =)
Good night!

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