Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summah Summer; I'm In A Funk.

This past year...and this summer have been strange for me.
Full of so many changes--becoming a Mom of three...
Seeing my girl and her friends head off to pre-k.
Seeing wonderfully dear friends become Mothers.
Seeing my babies get bigger.....
Sometimes I think things are weird because my natural inclination is to withdraw.
Hermit-ize myself.
We are happy and busy but we don't spend time with our big *group* like we used to.
I miss (so much) our friends and the easy, frequent gatherings we used to enjoy.
Schedules are full and different and there are many more children and many less days that we can all gel.
these guys are keeping me busy:
Ezra stood up while holding onto NOTHING yesterday for a few seconds. He's so big. What a wonderful little guy! He is always smiles and easy-breezy-delightfulness!
(I can't wait to see him and his boy buddies grow up together!)

Amelie is counting down the days to school.
She is thrilled and ready and excited! She will be awesome! I just know it!
I, on the other day, do not know what I'm going to do without her. I miss her already!
I can not wait to see the places she'll go!

Maeve is so funny. She keeps us rolling all day!
I worry about her...and what the fall will bring. She and her sister are such close, good, loving buddies. I know it will be very hard on Maeve to lose her best friend and favorite playmate.

Growing and changing is a good thing.
But it's also a hard thing.
I think I need to do less blogging and more praying. =)
If you've made it this far you deserve a gold star to bearing with me. =)
Good night!


Micayla said...

I can relate. It seems like most of my friends have more kids than me and are therefore more busy than I am. So, I spend much of my time alone with Ryleigh. It is not fun! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Devin said...

Oh, sweet friend.

How I feel you! Obviously you read my post tonight...we have the same heart, you and me.

I know school is what they need. I get it. I just struggle with it! I can't help it. I love my babies and I want them with me, not away from me.

I was so nervous last year, with K-5. For Cam, especially--so I get it with Maeve. But Cam truly surprised me...he stepped up, became my big boy, and forged a new, different kind of relationship with me that was wonderful and may have never been present had Colin been there. :)

Hang in, my friend. She is going to love it (I know you already know this--trying to reassure, here) and flourish in school.

We can just commiserate together, how about that?

Jessica said...

I can totally relate. I actually love a good change...but when it comes to my babes, them going to school, and friendships...I am not a big fan! I will be praying for you and praying that this new seaon will be SO wonderful!!

Megan and Company said...

I'm so there too!

But.. hang in! Treehouse season is coming and I intend to do A LOT of morning homeschooling there while Leah is in PK!