Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today my husband had an extra day off so we had a lazy morning and headed to Ikea later in the day! I've been wanting to find some *art* for our bedroom and they had just what I was looking for! I picked up three of these frames:

And some wall decal stickers and made these:

Yay for cheap easy Ikea projects!

I'd be totally lost (creatively) without Ikea!


sarah e. said...

Great idea - they look fantastic! You go, art (teacher) girl :)

Ashley said...

i've done this too!!! i actually did the same exact four as ikea, but with brown frames instead of the silver :) great idea!

Julie said...

So pretty! What a great idea.

as told by: Korleen said...

love it! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE you're headboard!