Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Night Snippets

* After a lovely week with my Mother here--she's gone! Boo! Back to New York--it was so nice to have you Mom--see you in November for Thanksmas!!
* I met my friends at the coffee shop today--so nice! I haven't been there in forever--I guess there are some good things about cooler/Fall weather! =) 
*Ezra was up at 5 again today--Boo. Hiss. 
* He took a 4 hour nap! Huzzah!! 
*Maeve is obsessed with Polly Pocket--she keeps walking around telling me what a "special" toy Polly Pocket is/are. =)
* A friend of mine posted a link to this book on facebook:

I started reading through the comments about the book and got lost in a trail of research and was so excited about this!! I've thought for the longest time that there was something "wrong" with because I'm so introverted. I thought that eventually God would change me into a more extroverted person, because then I would really be able to serve Him better! I never thought that maybe He could use me in spite of myself 
and that maybe He made me this way 
*light-bulb moment!!*
It was so nice to read that I'm not the only one who needs tons of down time to be recharged, that others feel drained in group settings and just. can't. speak. 
That going to places with people can be so very difficult and that calling people/businesses can be monumentally overwhelming.
I can't wait to order this and read it!
I tried explaining my epiphany to my husband--he just smiled and gave me the "i know you're crazy but i love you anyways" look. =)
* My stinkin' phone didn't work all day. Now it's magically healed. Woot. I guess that's ok, since if it rang I most likely wouldn't have answered it anyways! =)
Good night!

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Madre said...

You would answer your phone if it was me though...right? haha
I am anxious to hear what you think after reading the book, God doesn't make mistakes and has a purpose for each of us! I love YOU! madre xoxo