Tuesday, October 11, 2011

*I'm so thankful to be able to stay home with my little ones! Today we baked apple pie together 
(Ezra was helpful at tasting the apples that Maeve helped me peel on our apple peeler/corer thingy). 
We worked on "school" (sorting for Ezra and coloring within the lines & shape recognition for Maeve) and took a walk. Usually I push them in the stroller but today I decided that they could do some of the work! 
Maeve decided she didn't want to walk so she got her running shoes on and went for a run (Or at least, that's what she said!)! Ha! 
She ran the entire two blocks and did a great job listening to and obeying directions. 
Ezra held my hand and plodded along. He was very busy sight-seeing. =)
*Last night we were lucky enough to get to go out do dinner with friends (Cheesecake Factory! Their treat!!!). It was lovely and made extra lovely by the fact that Granny stayed with the babes and wrangled them into bed and we got to come home to a quiet house! =)
*I just finished reading: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children--it was unusual but good.


*I haven't been keeping up with Ezra's *month* posts....
but this guy right here is -------> 

*23* Months Old. 
How in the heck is that possible?!?!? I can believe it--because
he's acting like a big boy
and understands everything I say to him
and follows directions so well,
and laughs at all of the jokes his sisters laugh at
and has his own ideas
and throws *I'm almost 2* temper tantrums
and he is such a boy!
He can find dirt ANYWHERE
(even when the girls remain spotless he becomes filthy. =) )
And he loves his trains and cars and trucks and any type of ball.
He's so fun and lovely and says, "Mama Mama Mama!!" when I come downstairs in the morning
(Mr. Wonderful has been getting up with him at 5 or 5:30 or whatever 5-time Ezra decides to get up. Yawn. )
He is such a fantastic little guy--Love. Him. 
Happy Tuesday!

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