Monday, October 31, 2011

What a longgggg day!
Ezra was up for good at 3:30AM and so was I! Boo! He was actually very happy and played well but I was sooo tired. He took a good mid-day nap but Maeve was up and I was waiting for the electrician to come (no-show, of course) so I didn't get to rest!
Then we had the Halloween frenzy! Gah! I have decided Halloween on a school night is not my favorite! We still had fun with the cousins and the grandparents though! 
Some quick pictures of the kiddos and then I'm going to bed! =)
My Favorite Cupcake Maeve!
My Handsome Monster Who WILL BE TWO TOMORROW!!!
My Beautiful Raggedy Ann-Amelie!
And yes, this *is* the best picture I got of the kids--after tons of candy, and a long day I'll take it. =)
Happy Halloween!

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Madre said...

So sweet! Love the costumes and the happy smiles!