Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Good News * Bad News Edition

The Good News:
Ezra has been sleeping like a champ all week!
The Bad News:
Until last night--when he woke up at 3:30 and never went back to sleep. He went down for a short nap at 9 (I missed church--boo), up at 10 and THAT WAS IT. Gah. 
The Good News:
Amelie *loves* raking giant piles of leaves in the back yard:
The Bad News:
Maeve loves jumping in freshly raked piles of leaves. Poor Amelie. =)
The Good News:
My haircut came out great! It was cut and styled beautifully yesterday morning. And then I ran 2.7 miles (thankyouverymuch) and it was destroyed. 
The Bad News:
Hair cut still cute--hair styling fail. Yesterday it looked perfectly piece-y and oomphy and today--well, eh. Must learn to blow dry while curling under with round brush. Will probably never happen.
And, our final item:
Good News:
I ran 2+miles 6 days this week.
Bad News:
I just learned how to replicate Little Ceasar's Cheesy Bread at home. I may never be the same!

Good night!

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Madre said...

Send Amelie to me....we have plenty o'leaves and no one to jump in them!