Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Seven

1. It is cold and I am not used to it. It was common, in NY, to have very cold weather/snow in October--luckily we've been spared icky October weather while I've lived in NJ. I'm just not equipped to deal with it anymore. =)
2. My littles are completely addicted to Little Einsteins. Have you ever watched it? Super cute--they incorporate classical music and some art history into their program.
3. Can't wait to see my kiddos dressed up tomorrow for Halloween! Hopefully there will be picture-taking-cooperation!!
4. I've been on an organizing spree and I like it. 
5. Ezra has one day left as a 1 year old. *moment of silence*
6. I took a bunch of pictures today and they were all horrible. Boo. 
7. My husband had obligations/work every day (and some nights) this week. I'm trying to focus more on being thankful that he has work than on the fact that I miss him when he's gone. His busy season is just starting--guess I better buck up! 
Happy Sunday!

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