Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My precious little guy turned two today.
I am still totally in denial and was so busy all day I haven't even had time to think about it.
(until now--SOB!)
He's so wonderful--and gets better every single day--I'm so thankful for my Ezra-boy!!
His little friends and their mamas came over to celebrate the big *2*! 
The boys all played so nicely! It just blessed my heart to see such great little guys playing together--they were so funny--so much happy! Thanks for coming friends--it was perfect!!
Some of the little dudes eating cupcakes/pizza:
PJ + Cupcake = Match Made In Heaven =)
Ezra loved all of his birthday toys sooo much that he just had to sit in the middle of them. =)
I am so thankful for my son! He is just sweetness and joy (mostly =). 
Love. Him.
Happy birthday my darling Ezra! You are my favorite little guy!!

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Madre said...

Happy Happy Birthday to our sweet Ezra.....2 years old and so very loved! madre xoxo