Sunday, November 6, 2011

I had visions today of taking all three kids somewhere for a photo shoot for our Christmas cards--unfortunately the time change and Ezra's cough had other plans! My little guy was up at 4:30 (yawn) and only ended up taking a very short nap today. He was coughing a bit more so I took him to the doctor--they think he may have a sinus infection so he'll be medicated and hopefully 100% soon!!
I did get to take some pictures of my sweet girls before they headed out the door to church!
Hopefully we all get more sleep tonight! I need it!! Stupid time change. =) Happy Sunday!

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Madre said...

Long hours for the hubby are so hard, yet as you said, a blessing to help make ends meet. Hang in there and keep thanking the Lord for His blessings. You are doing a great job and I LOVE you!