Saturday, November 5, 2011

The heat is on...
The leaves are changing and falling.
I'm drinking hot chocolate with alarming frequency.
The air is chilly and refreshing...
(happy happy running weather!)
And my new fleece pants arrived from Old Navy: 
(so cozy, so warm)

Happy. =)
Now I want a fleece hoody...

and a flannel shirt

to complete the warm-ness. =)
In other news--Ezra caught a cold a bit over a week ago and the cold has gone, but since he has wheezing issues he has rattly little lungs. 
Poor guy!!
He is playing and happy but has to have breathing treatments a few times a day--he just sits there like a big boy, reading a book and when it's over proclaims, "All done!"

I love him so!
Tonight the clocks fall back--I wonder if the children will be cooperative? We're keeping them up an hour in hopes that we'll get to sleep until a semi-normal time. 
*fingers crossed*
Happy Saturday! =)

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