Thursday, November 24, 2011


So thankful today, and every day for the many blessings the Lord has placed in our lives! A list, for you, to name a few!
1. So thankful for our Jersey family and that we got to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with them--what a blessing to have family near and far!
2. Thankful to be feeling better and breathing and walking and living again. Thank you Jesus!!!!
3. Thankful for kind doctors and good medicine!
4. For my husband who has done MORE than his share of house/family/child duties this week as I've been unable to do the most basic things. =( He has shown me Christ-like love in such a real way during our marriage. Love him.
5. For my Mom and MIL who have taken extraordinarily good care of me and my family this week. They are amazing!
6. For my dear friends who wrote me and texted me and encouraged me with their thoughts and prayers--I really needed you this week--thank you for being there for me!
7. For the beautiful, mild weather we've been having.
8. For my beautiful children--
9. And that Amelie got to enjoy the NY thanksgiving I had hoped to--she is such a wonderful girl, I miss her!!!
10. For my Maeve who is sunshine and silliness!
11. For my Ezra who is Mommy's little guy and the kindest little gentleman you ever met!
12. For my Dad and FIL who always support us.
13. And thankful for my NY family who I miss dearly--especially my little nephew who I wish I got to spend more time with!
14. For our home--which is safe and warm-ish, and comfortable and peaceful and lovely.
15. For the great big trees in our yard and the giant piles of yellow leaves for my children to jump into.
16. For our town & country--for freedom and peace!
17. For warm fuzzy socks, cardigans, knee-high socks, fur-lined boots, cozy blankets, chunky sweaters and fleece sweat pants. =)
18. For mocha-creamer and peanut butter straight out of the jar, and pixy sticks and pepsi. =)
19. For Salvation by Grace--that I don't have to do anything, or be good, or earn my eternity in Heaven--Jesus did ALL the work for me and has given me the gift of salvation freely even though I do not deserve it. Amazing. Even more amazing? He offers it to everyone and anyone and all you have to do is believe. Best. Gift. Ever. 
20. For the promise of eternity in Heaven and a chance to see my precious babes who are there waiting for me, along with my brother and my Grandma who I miss all the time. 

Thank you Lord for these blessing!!! 

And happy thanksgiving to you all!



Madre said...

We are truly a blessed people, and it pleases the Lord when we give Him thanks! I am thankful for you, my dear daughter and for the sacrifice you made in sharing Amelie with us. I know she enjoyed all the Ackerman Adventures, and would have loved even more time! See you soon - madre xoxo

Emily said...

Thank you for this post, Michelle, it filled my heart with thankfulness! ;)