Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have been a big picture-taking-fail lately. I need to get my camera out and start snapping again--but honestly, I've been pretty content with the whole "being able to live like a normal person" again thing that pictures have fallen by the wayside. =)
Maeve had her 4yo check up today (better late than never!) and she is:
31 pounds
37.5 inches tall
=5th %
When Amelie was *3* she was 36 inches tall and 36 pounds--that makes me laugh! God makes each of us so different--even two sisters from the same family! 
Maeve did well at the office but had a bit of a breakdown when she found out there was going to be shots. Poor lamb!
I took the littles to chick fil a for an impromptu reward lunch for suffering through the Drs and they had fun climbing and playing and wore themselves out and took great naps!! Woot!
I had enough time to 
a) make cookies
c)watch a tv show
It. Was. Awesome. 
I feel pretty good today too which is super exciting! Only a little lung weirdness and an almost normal energy level! Thank you Lord!!
The kids were super funny and sweet today--my heart feels warm and fuzzy---even warmer and fuzzier now that I've just tucked them into bed! =)
Hope your Tuesday was as happy as mine! =)

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