Monday, November 28, 2011

Well--we're back to our normal routine and it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be! =)
We were lucky enough to have a playdate/lunch date with our buddies today--and I was surprised at how exhausted I felt/feel still! We had a wonderful time (even though Ezra has definitely hit some sort of terrible-twos-wall =) OH MY!!!) and are so thankful for the delightful company of our pals!!!

I tried to rest this afternoon (Maeve AND Ezra napped--that was epic, it never happens anymore). But I couldn't rest--stinkin' asthma meds hype me up and wipe me out at the same time. 

I am breathing much easier but still having problems--if you think of it say a prayer for me! I'm back to the asthma specialist on Friday and hoping for improvement/answers/both. 

In other news the weather was absolutely phenomonal today!! I had the windows open (Hello November 28?!?) and took the kids outside for a while after nap--heavenly! I wish winter stayed like this alllllll the time! =)

Not much else is new--Mr. Wonderful is back to his late-night-opera grind and the kiddos and I are hanging out. I moved the slide into the living room and that was a big hit! Thank goodness for fun toys! Happy Monday!

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Madre said...

This mom is praying for you...trusting that you will continue to improve and that the Lord will fill you with His grace for all that you need to do each day. He is the source for each day's strength. Love you. madre xox