Friday, November 25, 2011

Like A Broken Record...

...I keep talking about how sick I am/was/were but I can't help it!! =)
I couldn't do anything normal--like
or dishes
or pick up Ezra and Maeve
I didn't have strength to check email
or facebook 
(then you KNOW it's serious =)
I couldn't carry the kids, or tuck them into bed b/c when I reached the top of the stairs I would be so exhausted that I had to immediately go to bed myself and lie down and catch my breath.
(even though I was RUNNING 10 miles a week just before a I got sick!)
So I sat on the couch and just watched my family-life go by and tried to focus on each new breath.
So...I wrote this because--
If you have the strength to do dishes--
If you have the energy to clean your bathroom and fold your laundry--
If you can pick up your sweet children and whisper into their ears and carry them up to bed and tuck them in--
also shout--
Those things are gifts--the little kinds you don't think about--until you can't do them and you watch your Mama and your beloved husband and your precious MIL do them for you because you can't take care of your own family. 
I am so thankful to be feeling mostly normal again, and that even when I wasn't, I had wonderful people to support me!
The end-
-and I'll try not to talk about it anymore. =)

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Madre said...

Thank you for sharing from your heart. It is good to share 'real news' not just 'everything is wonderful news'. We can comfort one another when we share our struggles with each other. SOOO very thankful you are starting to feel better. Also so thankful I was able to come down for a few days. I LOVE YOU! madre xoxo