Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We had a peaceful day--Maeve had preschool and Ezra and I just hung out--first we took a nice long walk around town.
1. I love our little town!
2. It was peaceful and lovely--the birds were singing and the leaves were gorgeous!
3. Ezra walks so sweetly--holding my hand and ooooo-ing and ahh-ing over everything he sees.
He was obsessed with his shadow today--I don't think he's ever noticed it before! He kept poking it and laughing. =) Here are our walking shadows!
One of our neighbors has a mini-excavator and that is Ezra's absolute favorite stop. He is in love with trucks and what-not.
We also spent some time outside--raking and playing in the leaves. =)
My husband is super busy this week and for the rest of forever. Boo. I'm so thankful that he is such a hard worker but I miss him and being able to watch his shows etc.
Le sigh.
My Amelie is wow-ing the littles with her Wii skills--time for me to cuddle them on the couch before bed!
Good night! =)

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