Thursday, November 10, 2011

the longest week there ever was...

i have been sick alllll week
and sicker every day than the day before
and finally sick and tired of being sick and tired so i went to the doctor
the verdict:
i usually get sick once a winter and hopefully this is it for me!
so much coughing--my head and my ears and my brain and my throat and my sides and my shoulders and everything hurts from the coughing that never ends
mostly my weak-little-asthma-lungs just get angry and can't calm down and be normal
but now there is lots of medicine and that should help
i haven't slept more than a few hours in days.
my eyeballs hurt.
lucky for me, my darling husband stayed home and helped me as i was helpless.
i kept trying to convince maeve that i was sick and she would say, "well, mama--i don't have the right outfit to be a doctor for you so you're going to have to go find one."
my mother in law brought my favorite dinner tonight and helped put the kids to bed--what a blessing!
i bought a ginormous bag of pixy sticks at CVS when i filled my prescriptions (halloween candy =90% off! woot) and i can't stop eating them. i doubt this is helping me--but after the week i've had it can't be hurting that much. =)
i haven't run since saturday--this is the longest break from running i've had since i started over 6 months ago--i'm worried that it will be hard to start up again--but i really miss it so i will press on.
this was random--i know.
blame it on the meds. =)
good night!

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Emily said...

Yay for mother-in-law to the rescue! Get well soon.