Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today is my precious husband's birthday!
It wasn't a very celebrate-y day....he had christmas cantata practice at church this morning followed by a night out in Philly playing piano for his most recent opera company production.
boo. that.
(although yay for extra work!)
I've missed him so much this week--he's been gone A LOT lately.
One more concert tomorrow and done for a few weeks. WOOT!

In other news, the kiddos and I spent the morning at Granny's, with the cousins, making Christmas cookies!
Here's the crew!

Maeve and Amelie's "candy cane cookies"
Cookie making is exhausting =)
So the little cousins spent some time relaxing in Granny and Pop's bed (watching a movie).
Thanks for a fun morning Granny!

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