Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well--it's been another eventful couple of days in the Wonderful household! Just as Mama is on the mend from 4 weeks of bronchitis Maeve came down with a fever thursday night--I thought it was due to the shots she rec. at her well-check this week (the doctor said to expect a little fever) but then...
the UNTHINKABLE happend.
Stomach. Virus.
Ezra and I soon followed suit and it was not good. Luckily the kids fared much better than me. Also, I know now for a fact that the stomach virus is preferable to not breathing. You know, just in case you were wondering. 
Still horrible but not as scary. =)
The kids bounced back in just a few hours and then the UNTHINKABLE happened again.
Ezra woke up in the middle of the night BURNING up with fever. I hate that! There is nothing worse than a BBQ baby! So we put him in lighter layers and cooled his forehead with a wet cloth and gave him some tylenol. He's still fevery this morning but luckily that is his only symptom and he is happy and playing. Of course, he's sick right in time for his WELL-check tomorrow! =)
Anyways, that's us right now! I think a plague is upon us! =)
We are NEVER sick and have NEVER had this much sickness in such a short span of time. Usually one cold a year for each of my kiddos. I guess we're going for a record this year! HA! 

In other news.... My Ezra guy has decided he is a grown up and doesn't want to sit booster seat anymore! So voila! Big Boy in a big boy high chair. He even prefers big boy cups without lids. Oh my. *tear*
I have to write a post about Ezra--he's kind of a baby-super-genius. Well, not super-genius but an extra-smart-guy. He's learned lots of new tricks in the months since turning 2!! 
But fever-baby needs a hug so I'll write about him genius-ness later. =)
Happy Sunday!

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Madre said...

I am so sad that everyone at your house is taking turns feeling poorly. I am praying for you all and for Steve to stay healthy. madre xoxo