Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Amelie Rose!

My sweet big girl is *7* today! I can't believe it! She's starting to get old enough that it feels less like we're counting up and more like we're counting down to her growing into an adult! She has changed so much over the year and has become so confident! She is a vastly proficient reader, loves math so much she does problems in her head when she is bored (must get that from her father!!=), is taking piano lessons, is the best big sister/helper ever and is super funny and fun. I love her and watching her grow up is like a present for me everyday! It's kind of amazing how awesome she is. =)

She had a big week this week--with Christmas, and on Monday a trip to see The Nutcracker in Philly with Granny and Pop (so special, so amazing! too bad she was coming down with a cold =( . On Wednesday she had a fun birthday party at Bounce U with her little friends! And tonight our family came over for some birthday celebrating! When it was all over she said, "Now there is nothing fun leftover and life is going to be plain." =) I think the trick to growing up is learning to appreciate all of the plain times, but that's a lesson that can be learned another day. I'm still failing at taking lots of pictures lately--but here's a couple I got today =)

Happy Happy Birthday Darling Girl!!

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