Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Concert Update

'Tis the busy season at the Wonderful household! My husband always has 9,000,000 commitments and concerts and now Amelie and Maeve have concerts too! Friday night Amelie had her school concert and it was lovely! The kids did a great job singing and the songs were a lot of fun. Amelie is always right on top of the motions and kept her eyes on the director at all times. She loves singing!
I didn't take too many pictures (since we're going to buy the dvd =) but here's a shot of half of the elementary choir:
 Saturday was a day full of errands and playing catch up. Sunday I kept the kids home from church because I am presently TERRIFIED OF ALL GERMS. Gah. I just need a week to not have sick kids or sick me. Hopefully. =)
Sunday night was Amelie and Maeve's Church Christmas program. Maeve was so excited for her concert and was pretty sure she was going to be able to sing her own original composition entitled: Cookies (I'm a little cookie, cooking in the dark, take a bite I'm yumm....etc). =) She was disappointed when she learned she could only sing the songs the choirs were singing. HA!
Gospel Bells (tune of jingle bells)
J*E*S*U*S* (tune of bingo)

Amelie was part of the big kids production and had lines to say and sung in two trios and had a big solo at the end. She did a great job and was very confident on stage.
Part of the kids choir:
It was so much fun to see how much fun Amelie had! I used to love performing in the kids choir at church--she came home and said--"I want to sing a solo every day!" HA! Out. Of. Control. At least I know we don't have to worry about stage fright with Amelie! HA! It was a great weekend with our little family! Thank goodness--because we have a longggggggg week ahead--my husband has two dress rehearsals in Philly for the show he is playing for and two concerts for school. I'm totally bummed because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to go to his high school concert, which is pretty much my favorite thing to do. Boo. Oh well--we will survive! =)
Happy Monday!


Madre said...

So glad you shared the great pictures of the girl's exciting events... I know you know that I WANTED to be there. ;o(
love you - madre xo

Madre said...

Thank you for sharing the great pictures of the girls... they are both so beautiful and grown up! Wish I could have been there - so very much.
love you - madre xoxo