Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Number Boy!

So I'm *finally* taking a few pictures here and there--hooray! It's harder to get the camera out when it's chilly outside--luckily my kitchen has pretty good light so we've solved the cold problem! =)
My sweet baby E had his 2 yo well check (28 pounds 31 inches 30% height, 50% weight oy) last week (Mama was a little late scheduling his appointment =). He was TERRIFIED of the doctor's office (must remember his flu shot) until we got into the little room and he saw the letters painted all over the walls--then he felt right at home.
Because Ezra has an obsession.
Well, an obsession besides this one, he is OBSESSED with letters and numbers.
One day after he turned two Ezra picked out a book from the book box and brought it over to me. He opened it to the numbers page and started identifying all the numbers (in and out of order). He *knew* and correctly identified all the numbers 1-10 even though we had never quizzed him or shown him that page in that book before. It was weird and surprising and pretty cool! And then....
...the next night we were at Applebees (surprising! NOT!!) and he was coloring the children's menu when he started correctly identifying the letters on the front of the book! I couldn't believe it! I'm not a flash card/sit down and quiz the children type of mom so it REALLY took me by surprise. So now, whenever Maeve sits down to work on her writing skills (different story, different day) instead of coloring he yells at me until I write all of the alphabet/numbers on a sheet of paper so he can say them all to me!
I think he's pretty amazing. 
Also handsome.
Also a baby genius. 
Obviously. =) HA!

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Madre said...

He is handsome and he is a genius! Love that boy! madre xox