Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I fully intended to write an Ezra-bloggy-2-year-old-guy update on Monday but the day came and went...and then Monday night brought with it another round (!!!!) of the sickies. So, Amelie was off to the doctor and we had her home yesterday and today. Gah. She is doing well and goes back to school tomorrow but my brain literally exploded when I realized she was sick. I can't take any more! Makes me want to pack up my kiddies and hibernate until SPRING! 
Oh well! Hopefully we are really on the upswing this time as we have a lot of special fun stuff coming up! Amelie's Christmas Concert! Amelie's Church Christmas Concert! Etc! And so on!
I enjoyed having Amelie home--we had fun together even though she was upset about missing school!
So anyways, hopefully I'll get a chance to have an Ezra photo shoot so I can post a proper update! =)
Happy Wednesday!

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