Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Very Wonderful Christmas

On Sunday (after the girls' super cute Christmas Program--Ezra refused to stand on stage and missed his moment of shining glory =) we had our Weber Family Christmas Gathering! We always look forward to spending time with our NJ family!! There was tons of food, tons of kids and presents from Santa! I didn't get pictures of everyone since it's always a little crazy keeping track of everyone! =) Here's a few that I did get--Santa-Pop!
Misc. children looking at presents. And my husband. =)
The cutest 10-pack of cousins ever!
The four brothers that strated it all--and yes, this is the *best* picture I could get of them! And yes, this photo says a lot about their personalities and yes-my husband is very well behaved. =)
Cousin-Recovery-Time watching Wonder Pets In Granny and Pop's bed. =)
Yay for family time!

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