Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not only was Ezra's 2yr well check scheduled late--so was Maeve's 4yo check! =) She's getting to be such a big girl I can hardly stand it--and with her going to pre-k next year I can't pretend she's a baby any more! Boo. That. Anyways she was 31 pounds (5th%) and 36 inches (5th%)--this is SMALLER than Amelie was at 3. Ahem. Comparing them is like apples and oranges even though they came from the same tree! HA! But still, I do compare them at times--I can't help it! I was concerned about Maeve's development beause
a) she is a toe walker
b) she holds a pencil very strangely
c)colors about as well as Ezra
I was worried that there was something wrong with her motor skills possibly so I brought it up with the doctor who said I was crazy and she was fine. That not being good enough, I also talked with my friends who told me their kiddos who are a little older than Maeve struggled with the pencil hold too so I felt MUCH better. I can't remember where Amelie was at this age-but I KNOW she held a pencil and colored better. 
So..I started working with Maeve--tracing lines, and on her pencil hold and she has made a lot of progress in just a couple of weeks. She is much more confident with her writing and is even attempting her name which is wonderful! I don't expect her to be writing paragraphs--I just want her to be able to hold a pencil with confidence and be able to trace lines. We are getting there. Woot. Otherwise she is doing really well! The temper tantrums she was throwing last month have subsided and she is back to her normal fun loving silly self. 

I love my little Maevey-girl! She's such a joy and the perfect little playmate for Amelie and Ezra.

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