Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Big Day

Today we celebrated Amelie's birthday at Chuck E Cheese with a Granny, an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin and our little friends (accompanied by whichever of their parents drew the short straw)=) HA! Amelie had a wonderful time and we're so glad that they could make it!

I'm so glad this day has finally come because poor Amelie has been dying for it to be her birthday! And, the fact that Christmas is this week has her on present overload!


There were a lot of birthday shenanigans and Amelie looked a bit demure and quiet for most of them. She tells us she had fun though!


When we got home it all proved to be too much and she had the meltdown of the century. Apparently it's very taxing to turn 5. She has since taken a nap and recovered, but it was a little dicey there for a while =) hardday

Thank goodness for naptime! =)


Micayla said...

wow, if turning 5 makes her that upset I don't want to be around when she turns 30!

Sheri said...

Gosh, guess I have missed a LOT! love the last picture....and can't believe she still takes naps- you ROCK, or are LUCKY!:)