Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It Had To Be *You*

Hey! Look who's 5!!!

christmas 194

Oh my dear and darling Amelie--
My firstborn
My girl child
My doppelganger
My mini-me
God just knew it had to be *you*
That you were exactly the kind of girl I needed in my life
You're my helper, my hugger, my story-teller, song-singer, dancing-dancer, sister-entertainer, errand-runner, obsessive-room-cleaner, princess-pretender, girly-girly-girl in pink.
I don't deserve such a sweet little girl--I'm so thankful that God has entrusted you to me for the time being. I pray for you everyday and am so stinkin' thankful for you.
I love you sweet girl--can you just do Mommy a favor and stay 5 forever?
xoxo, Mama


Megan and Company said...

Happy birthday, Amelie!! I remember the night we got the call you were born. :) I'm glad I've gotten to watch you grow up and we can't wait to celebrate you today.

Devin said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! 5 is so wonderful....