Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Baby

The husband was away Saturday judging for All South Jersey band and lucky for me, the Grandparents of the East were more than willing to take the girls on a special outing!
Our favorite local-kid-friendly-delicious-coffee-establishment was celebrating Christmas with a visit from Santa and crafts!
The girls were thrilled and think I'm full of nonsense for telling them that Santa doesn't exist since they see him everywhere they go =)
Here's Amelie telling Santa that she wants a scrapbook.
Here's Maeve exhibiting her hat fetish.
We have a smiley picture of them on Santa's lap but I'm too lazy to scan it at the moment =)
The girls had a wonderful time with their Grandparents!
And I had a wonderful time taking an uninterrupted shower.
It's the little things that bring the most joy my peeps!

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Julie said...

HA! We have the same problem with the "Santa isn't real" thing. LOL

I was just glad that I didn't have Puckey with me yesterday, as the SAME Santa they saw at Barnes & Noble was at JoAnn Fabric yesterday...I could almost hear her saying, "See Mama, there he is!! I TOLD you he's real!"