Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's A *Wonderful* Christmas

Bright and early Christmas morning this little girl came down the stairs and said,
"Let's get going people! We need to 0pen presents!!"

I told her we needed to wait until she sat in front of the clock for half an hour staring at the clock and willing the number to change from 6 to 7.

She was a little bummed that the 4 wheeler under the tree was for Maeve.

She was a little less bummed when Mommy said she was still light enough to share it with sister!=)
And this one? He was up by 6 cause,
*Santa Is His Homeboy*

Poor thing, Santa may be his homeboy but he didn't leave the infant anything under the tree. Mr. Wonderful and I decided that being born was his present this year!

(Especially since we'll be paying it off for the next 6 months!!)

tee hee!
And Maeve? She came down after we woke her at 7 and proclaimed:


We had a lovely Christmas morning at home with our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls and orange juice. Oh, and the rolls? Pioneer Woman's recipe is delish.

Ah. Love them! They make me wish it was Christmas everyday!!

After we opened presents and relaxed at home we headed to Grandparents of the Easts' home.

We opened lots o'lovely things (like my new canon *pink* point and shoot!! love it!) and had a delicious ham dinner that I didn't have to cook! Yay!

My parents arrived yesterday to attend the Christmas program at church and to celebrate Amelie's birthday with us.

We're so thankful for our family near and far and the chance to spend a lovely relaxing Christmas together!

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