Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home Improvement

There is nothing I like better in life than organizing, improvising, improving and creating so this whole home-ownership thing just speaks to me! I am so thankful that God has given us more space than I ever imagined we would have!
Our goal for Christmas break was to fix up our 3rd floor "bonus room." (I dislike that term but that's the best description for the space up there).
For the last few months it was filled with boxes and odds and ends that were waiting to be put away. The floors were covered with paint and old and scuzzy. The woodwork was all mismatched and in need of sprucing up. If I were a better blogger I would have before pictures, but that just didn't happen--I was too excited to get going!
Mr. Wonderful and I spent a few days painting the walls and the trim and then I sanded the entire floor and Mr. Wonderful laid down the polyurethane. We had to wait 72 hours for the floors to dry before I could go decorate and it was killing me! But finally I'm mostly finished and had to share the results!


the door to the attic stairs, and the view from the landing


my grandmother's chair, rose petal cottage land and our new "coloring station"


Our guest bed, entertainment cabinet (ignore the fact that I can't find my lampshade and that I'm not done decorating, ack!!)

The best part was that we only needed to buy a gallon of paint for the walls, a rug, a couple of Ikea pillow covers and some curtain rods--everything else we already had in storage, in boxes or leftover from other projects/areas.



Melody said...

Oh, SO cute!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait until we get to that stage with our house. Unfortunately there's more pressing things like gutting both of our bathrooms : ( We knew this when we bought it, but I am itching to get to the aesthetics. The 40 year old barf colored carpet is really starting to wear on my nerves!!!!

JerseyGranny said...

Beautilicious! And, being one to have seen the *before*, I'm here to say to all the blog-world that you and Steven did an amazing job. Shelly, your drive and creativity never cease to amaze me!

Now, let's see...what excuse can I use to spend the night....

Breezy said...

It looks amazing!! You should be so proud of all of your hard work! Hopefully, it will inspire me to finish PJ's know, since he's a month old already!!! Can't wait to see the room in person!!

Micayla said...

wow, it looks really good. It doesn't even look like the same room!
You wanna come over and decorate my place? Haha

A Repletion of Reverie said...

Amazing. It's not even the same room :)

Madre said...

oh my daughter the DECORATOR! Looks mah' guys are such a great team!

Sheri said...

WOW! What do you mean you aren't doen decorating- looks perfect to me!!! Way to go- How nice to have that space- thats how I felt when we finally finished the bacement!