Monday, December 14, 2009


* mowhawked (um, not a real verb) her infant son's hair and headed out to enjoy Amelie and Maeve's Christmas program at church. It was delightful--especially the part where Maeve took over the microphone and said, "ahh maaa leeee" =)
* is making a list of all the home improvement projects I want to tackle over Christmas break--can't. wait. (A trip to Ikea is NEEDED!)
* is so excited that we have a whole room/floor of our house we never use. Can't wait to turn it into a fun space--our Craft room/toy room/Wii room/NAP room etc.
* desperately needs a haircut. beyond desperately--def. doing it over break! ack!
* called a few places about holding Amelie's birthday party and was rudely rebuffed by the sales associate who said, "we don't do parties for less than 10...well, we do... but we'll charge you the same." ick. annoying.
* still hasn't gotten Maeve's 2 yo pictures taken--so not like me. You'd think I moved and had a baby a few weeks ago or something.
* wants it to be summer tomorrow. or now.
* tired. long nights. etc. so on. so forth. I kind of forgot or blocked out what it's like to have a newborn--just barely getting regular chores done and letting the "real" cleaning/organizing/cooking slide. It hurts my type-A sensibilities.

there is more but all of the sudden I'm too tired to finish.


JerseyGranny said...

Re: haircut...did you really mean *spring* break?!

Melody said...

I'm so with you on life with a newborn "hurting my type-A sensibilities". I just keep saying to myself...."Let it go, let it go... : ) "

Micayla said...

I'm with you on the whole birthday party thing. I don't want a huge to-do for Ry's 1st (mostly because we can't afford it)... but I can't have people here because we barely have room for ourselves. I just want to go somewhere where kids can have fun, but not at the cost of my arm and leg. Seriously, I've looked into it and just to have Ry, cousins, and a couple of friends join it would be like 300$. Ahh!