Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Pictures--Cause Who Doesn't Love The Chance To Be Completely Color-Coordinated!?

I like to get our family picture taken every year and somehow--started the tradition right around Christmas-time when Amelie was 1.
Christmas is such busy season at portrait studios but thankfully Target started opening their studio at 8 AM!!! this year.
Woot! No long lines for us!
They got us in at 8 on the dot and in about 5 minutes we had two pictures to choose from-
-I feel as though that was a major victory =)
(cause I would have been happy with just *most* of us looking at the camera with *mostly* pleasant expressions-)
I'm sure if you've tried to take pictures with more than one child you understand what I mean!
The girls aren't wearing their Christmas dresses (which are on back-order and will hopefully arrive for Christmas!!) but luckily I had a red and green dress for them and a little red shirt for E-boy. Also, as luck would have it--I now have enough children that only my face needs to show in a picture--good planning on my part! =)


as told by: Korleen said...

You all look great!!! I can't believe this was taken at 8 am. If I did that to my family I know the outcome would be totally different! Good job mom!

Devin said...

Such deliciousness!

I love the girls' dresses...TOO cute!

I am not sure if the picture could be much better! It's just wonderful.

~What a sweet looking family~

Micayla said...

I didn't know Target had such a nice little background set up. Our Christmas pic was taken with just a plain white background at the picture people. how boring :-(
Hopefully you'll get to see our pic soon as long as Ryan remembers to drop them in the mail box on his way to work tomorrow!

Julie said...

So cute! You all look great...and I can totally relate to only wanting my face to show in pics. :) You look FAB, Mama!!

Madre said...

love Love LOVE the picture :o)

~Dawn~ said...

What a beautiful picture.