Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i am failing at taking pictures lately--my kids were so cute and coordinated today and i just couldn't motivate myself to pull out the camera. oh well. =)
this was my husband's first day off and we had a great day--starting with getting to sleep in until 7:30! amazing!!! this *never* happens!! amelie was up at 6 but came downstairs and watched a movie like a good girl! thank you amelie! =)
mr. wonderful took the kids to chuck e cheese this morning while i spent my groupon at old navy--tee hee!
the littles and i took a nap and then we headed to the pool for some family swim time--it was lots of fun and ezra and maeve only almost-drowned twice. =)
i had fatcamp tonight with my friends at church and am ready to put my feet up and re.lax. 
maybe tomorrow i'll pull out the camera and do a better job at documenting life. 
maybe. =)

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