Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Insert Amazing Title Here}

*I have a friend that titles all of her blog posts with song lyrics--which I think is amazingly smart because there's always a song that'll say something relevant about everything. I've been super uninspired in the title department lately!
*Today I was lucky enough to have a good friend from high school (whom I haven't seen since then) over for a visit! She recently moved into the area and it was awesome to start to catch up with her! Her sweet girls are insanely cute and they played so well with Ornery Ezra and Mischievous Maeve. =) 
*I can't tell you how lovely it is to get together with someone who knew you when you were:
a)way too boy crazy
b)in the awkward years
c)way too sarcastic
d)totally uncool
e)way too bad a dresser
and still likes you anyways. =)
Thanks so much for crossing the bridge Em!!!!
*Tomorrow is Amelie's last day of school (I thought it was Friday but turns out Kindergarten gets out a day earlier than everyone else). 
I Can't. Believe. It. 
She has changed so much over the course of the last year! 
I'm so proud of her! *tear*
*My husband has some days off next week and I am super stinkin' excited about it!
*Have you ever known someone who is never happy about anything? And really you are just dying inside for them to look around and see how amazing everything they have is but they can't see it.
*I need to continue to work on being thankful for every little thing, every little minute of every little day. 
The time we have is short. 
So if you can take a deep breath and use your lungs to sing and your legs to walk and your eyes to see and your ears to hear and your arms to hold your loved ones you are wealthy beyond reckoning in the things that truly matter.
Happy Wednesday! 

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