Sunday, June 5, 2011

I went away this weekend (and survived leaving my babies for the first time thankyouverymuch =), and enjoyed my time immensely! My point and shoot camera bit the dust so you'll have to settle for this awesome stock-image of the conference logo: =)
The college campus was absolutely gorgeous (and filled with allergens =), and the weather was perfect/a little crispy. 
The best part of all, aside from learning from some awesome ladies was that my dear and darling bff, from amish-land, came with me! It has been many many years since we were able to hang out regularly and many years since we've been able to hang out without many small children scurrying around! It is always so refreshing to spend time with someone who is super fun, easy-going, is in the exact same place with frustrations/goals as me, is super encouraging and completely drama free. I can't say enough good things about my dear friend Sarah! Also, she showed up in Jersey with a pretty much completely matching outfit to me (gray dress, red tank top) which pretty much proves that we are soul mates. =) 
We went with a local church group full of very kind of funny ladies and really enjoyed learning, singing and spending time with them! Many of the workshops were about things that I really need to work on in my own life, which I'll share at another time, and I found it completely relevant. The college staff did an amazing job trying to make everything special--it was all very well done and I felt very taken care of and pampered. Favorite =).
What a blessing! I'm so thankful I could go and that my amazing husband MORE than held down the fort when I was gone--everything was clean, the children were happy and he even went out and did some couponing deals (that he matched up on his own). Amazing. I'm also thankful for my dear Mother-In-Law who fed my family dinner and helped with baby-watching and school pickup. 
My Momma is even here now so I'll close for now--happy weekend! I'm so glad that God stretched me out of my 2-mile-comfort-zone! =)

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SarahV said...

I couldn't agree more friend! The weekend wouldn't have been as good without you. Thanks for sharing it with me!