Saturday, June 11, 2011

I woke up this morning and felt so unmotivated and worn. out.
So--we didn't do too much today--just a couple of errands and I took a nice long nap when the little kids did and that seemed to pep me up a bit. =) I just can't remember the last time that I woke up and didn't feel like cleaning, organizing or working on house projects! I guess everyone needs a quiet day once in a while.
Anyways, I was going through the pictures in my camera and came across one I didn't post--from when my Ma was here visiting! Our visits always go by too fast!
Last weekend, when my Mom was here, the girls were outside and Maeve decided to hop on her bike and ride! This is big news because I've been trying to coax her to ride for months and months and she just wasn't interested in pedaling--she pushed her feet across the ground. I guess she just wasn't ready to do it until now! She can go so fast--it's amazing how they go from 0 to 60 with a new skill! =)

My Biker Chicks!
And last but not least, a picture of the face my handsome guy makes whenever Mama says, "Say Cheese Ezra!"
Love. Him.
Happy Saturday night! =)

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Madre said...

I hope that you enjoyed your day of "non-projects". It is good to let yourself recuperate. You had a VERY busy weekend last weekend. Not to mention very full days EVERY day. I love you and Please take care of yourself. You are my only and favorite daughter!
love you, madre xoxox