Friday, June 17, 2011

the little ones are in bed 
and my husband is at school playing for graduation
and i am reflecting on the year that has flown by
amelie has changed and grown up so much over the year!
she absolutely loved being at school all day with her friends!
her teacher was wonderful too!
she not only learned reading and writing, but they also started working with money, telling time, addition and subtraction! i know i didn't do any of that stuff until 1st or 2nd grade!! (remember when kindergarten was just counting from 1-10 and learning the alphabet/sounds?!).
i'm so looking forward to having the summer together and getting to enjoy having amelie around all the time instead of infrequently!
she's growing up so quickly--becoming more independent, and confident and even-tempered.
i love that kid! 
also--i love summer!!!

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