Wednesday, June 1, 2011


i've been packing
and cleaning
and organizing 
as i head off tomorrow for a ladies retreat in PA
i'm excited 
about going
and worried 
about leaving
and stressed
although, my children will be in the super-capable hands of my husband, i'm anxious about leaving them for the first time.
ack. can't think about it. i'm packing and laying out their clothes and setting out their meals for the next three days b/c that's just the kind of control-freak-mama i am.
i just love them so stinkin much. 
i am looking forward to a time of learning, alongside my dear friend, and hope to come back refreshed and renewed! 

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Melody said...

Oh man. It's so hard to leave your kiddos for the first time. I liken it to ripping off a band aid : - ) I totally get the control freak part...the first time I left my oldest (18 months) with my MIL, I left her four pages of detailed instructions, complete with a menu of what to feed him...ha! She kept them and still teases me about it, four years later!

Have fun on your retreat! I pray that your time will be blessed, and that you will return home feeling refreshed and renewed.