Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's *That* Time Again! Movie Reviews & Netflixy Notes =)

I've watched a few movies here and there, over the last 6+ish weeks. Here's my thoughts, you know, just 'cause I can't help but share 'em. =)
Lady Jane
I am a huge sucker for 
a)period pieces 
b)helena bonham carter 
c)english monarchy/dynasty/based on history anything. 
This movie boasts them all but was just so-so for me. Based on actual historical events, Jane's parents marry her off and plot to place her on the throne of England after the death of the boy-king Edward. She marries Guilford and they fall deeply in love in the movie (although, in real life they were more deeply in love with their Protestant values and keeping the Catholics off of the throne then they were with each other) only to quickly lose everything they gained together. Good, but not great movie for people who love history and romance.
Sherlock Holmes:
I fully expected to hate this movie. I'm not a huge fan of Robert Downy Jr. and figured it would be ridiculous. And, it *was* a little ridiculous but in the completely *right* way. This movie was definitely along the vein of Indiana Jones (romance, action, adventure oh my!) with a great mystery, a terrible villain and lots of stop-motion special affects that I really enjoyed. Rachel Mc Adams also stars as Holmes' mysterious love interest. I thought the movie was great fun and am looking forward to the upcoming sequel!
Knight and Day:
I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie--two big budget stars, and loads of big budget special affects and it was just ok. I have a hard time viewing Tom Cruise as an interesting male lead anymore after all of his recent crazy. This movie actually had a pretty decent twist of an ending which saved it from some of the rather formulaic token-action-movie-sequences it earnestly stuck to (jumping out of windows, crashing things into other things, blowing up things, super-human-ability things etc).
Never Let Me Go:
This movie is as terrible as it is wonderful, depressing as it is thoughtful, sweet as it is sobering. I loved it. The setting is England in the 50s-90s and follows a group of children as they grow up and try to "live" their lives even though they were created as living organ donors for other people. The whole point of their existence is to give up their lives, one piece at a time, for others. They are thoroughly indoctrinated and seem almost wholly content to fulfill the dark purpose set before them. The actors who played the three leads as children were absolutely phenomenal and beautifully cast. I whole-heartedly recommend this movie although be aware that there are some graphic moments (depicting intimacy and surgery.
The Switch:
I desperately want to like Jennifer Aniston in anything besides *Friends*. And after watching this movie, I can honestly say that I still don't. Ha. Sorry, it's a terrible movie (and even Jason Bateman and his cuteness can NOT save it). It's watchable but ridiculous and silly. Ok, but not good and definitely not great.
Black Swan
I wanted to like this movie for Natlie Portman and the Oscar and the beautiful ballerinas. Instead I had to watch nearly the entire thing on fast forward. It was dark, twisted, full of crazy, sad, gross and weird. In a word--Black Swan = Icky. 
Prince of Persia Sands of Time:
This is another Indiana-Jones-esque fun movie with lots of speed and flash and action. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would (you never know what you're gonna get when it's a Netflix Instant Watch =), and you'll enjoy it too as long as you're ready to not take it too seriously. =)
Wuthering Heights
I don't know what to write about this movie. If you have any familiarity with Wuthering Heights you know that Heathcliff is a completely despicable character. Deeply damaged (maybe even from his very birth), Heathcliff is a gypsy child adopted by a loving and kind gentleman. The gentleman has a wild daughter, Catherine, and an uptight son--H falls madly, deeply in love with the daughter all while being tormented by her mean brother. And though Catherine truly loves H she ends up with another man which sends H on his demonic quest for revenge. All the revenge he enacts doesn't assuage the pain he feels over the loss of Catherine and H himself never goes through any redemption but spirals further into madness and despair. A classic book, a great telling and engrossing actors--upon watching you wish there were some hope for Heathcliff though the story offers none at all.

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~Dawn~ said...

Defintely want to see Never Let Me Go, based on your review.. Curious to know if there's a book though. My friend watched Black Swan, with pretty high expectations and her review was that it was, as you said, rather dark and depressing. I don't think I want to see it now.