Monday, June 6, 2011


My Mom is still here visiting for the grand event today--Amelie's spring concert! She did so well (and so did all of her little friends!). It was super cute and fun and she even had a small speaking part and some solos! She did an awesome job and we are so proud of her! Maeve and Ezra did a great job sitting quietly too! So yay! My husband's parents came too and it was wonderful to have them there!
I'll have to upload the picture later because Blogger is NOT being cooperative!
We were looking at the calendar today and Amelie only has 9 days of school left! Yay! and Wow! I don't know where this year went and I am looking forward to having everyone home--although, I'm sure it will be interesting! =)
That's it for now! Happy Monday and pictures later when Blogger is behaving ! =)

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