Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Some Things

1. I've been desperate for highlights and unwilling/unable to shell out the $100+ it would cost to get them from my favorite stylist at my favorite I bought a box of highlighty-goodness from *The Walmarts* and trained Mr. Wonderful in the fine art of hooking hair through a plastic cap.
$10 highlights! (although, it looks a bit more like my hair was lightened than high-lighted)

2. I used to listen to music for hours and hours when I was younger....from the time my parents bought me my first cd player (I was 12 =) until around the time I started working full time/got married/had children.
And then I only listened to snippets here and there and in the car and maybe a speck or two through the internet.
There aren't many songs that I actually want to keep listening to (how much electro-pop-synth-fakey-fakeness can you listen to?) and then I started listening to Adele....
Songs like her's make me want to buy an album and go to a concert...

3. This is Ezra before church today (playing with a prize from the party we went to yesterday). =)
4. We had a happy day and got to spend time with nearly all of our Jersey family this afternoon! Now the littles are sleeping soundly and I'm working on a *slow jogging mix* for my ipod. =)
Good night!

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