Monday, April 19, 2010


i've been spending all my free moments working on house projects
so much to do
but so thankful for spring and a house to work on!
i'm currently painting stucco.
it's not just easy up and down painting--it's nit-picky and you have to paint with a stabbing motion to get in the grooves--i think i covered about a 2 x 2 foot section in 30 minutes. yikes.
my father and i worked on clearing the rest of the bambo that was standing in our yard!
yay! no more jungle!!
watering my grass
getting ready for swingset (t-minus two days and counting!)
enjoying my parents
that's all for now
heading out for a short and sweet date night with my man
happy monday!


Julie said...

You'll have to post pics of your backyard when you get the swingset put up.

Very excited for you!!

Devin said...

Oh my goodness....I just need to COPY and PASTE this post! We are so busy too...hope your projects are going well!