Friday, April 23, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

So...I got a *freebie* magazine the other day that was really interesting. It's called *Home School Enrichment* and is basically a very conservative magazine for home-schooling moms. 
I feel like I'm in a strange place-
-as a past homeschool-ee-
(I also attended public and private schools) 
I can appreciate how wonderful it was to work at my own pace--to accomplish school work in 2 hours instead of the 7 it takes in public school--to have many homeschooling friends to do art, music, field trips and gym with. 
As a mother who doesn't feel ready to send her little one to the big *k* next year the idea of homeschooling appeals to me because I wouldn't be sending her away to school. 
And when I think of all of the options for amazing field-trip-learning experiences in this area (the history aspect alone--ahhhh) it seems like such a wonderful possibility.
Then, however, I think of the fact that my husband has worked for 10 years at a private school and that *this* would be the first year we could reap the benefit of free tuition! It's such a good school and Amelie's class will be full of all her little friends! 
If it weren't for the fact that her Daddy's classroom is rightnextdoor I could be convinced to do the school at home thing. I'm thankful for the possibilities, the options and the exciting year Amelie has ahead of her. 
But for right now I'm going to enjoy every last minute I have left with her at home full time. My how they are fleetly flying away!


Megan and Company said...

All the cool moms are doing it.. just sayin'.


I think Amelie will do great where she goes and I'm sure you'll find things to keep you busy when she's gone all day. Like, for example, meeting Josh and I at the Treehouse and giving him mini-art lessons. ;)

Pamela said...

What we have to do is what we feel is best for our babies. So enjoy her being home, and send her off to school in the fall. It will be so *wonderful* for her to be right beside her Daddy all day.

JerseyGranny said...

You (we?) can still do those amazing field-trip-learning experiences, you know!

Sheri said...

isn't she in school part of the days now anyways?:)

You and I are SOOOOOOOOO differant, the thought of homeschooling Sam in the near future gives me hives!:) could have soemthing to do with the twins, but still.....I heart the 2 hours he is gone( and I do love him so!) and I just have B and I can either do 1:1 things with him or get stuff done without constantly having to make sure someones head isn't being bashed into the floor- LITERALLY!!!!!!:)

ahhhhhhhhh:) but I am sure she'll do wonderfully wherever you guys decide!