Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Can't Hide This Feeling Anymore!

And that feeling is EXCITEMENT!
I'm so stinkin' thankful that we have a yard! That grass is starting to GROW! AND that in one week we will have a lovely swingset for the munchkins! What a blessing it will be to send them outside to play in/on something besides dirt! =) Our backyard is a HUGE work in progress but a swingset it a step in the right direction! yay!


Megan and Company said...

Our swing set was life.changing. and the kids were still so little. Josh was 3 and Leah was a newb.

They both played out there today, for about an hour. I love it dearly and I love that you can buy new fun things to swing on. ;)

Part of J's 5th bday gift is going to be something new for the set.


Julie said...

I am dying to get a new swingset - the one we have is a metal hand-me-down and while it works for the basic swinging, there's no slide or fort or anything.


Yet another thing on the list of things I'd like to save up for.