Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shelly's Snippets

* It was so nice to have my parents for the first half of the week! My dad did so much work around the house and Granny got a lot of good bonding time in with the girls and did a bit of work herself! It always seems there is so much to do!
* We have a horrid old shed out back--which, currently, we can't afford to replace so I started painting it and it looks marginally better. It's strange to me how people are ok living with gross things around them. I mean--almost everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint. Cheap. Easy. Pretty. I'm just sayin'.....
* All my little grass blades are like my children. I love them so! It's so exciting to see them sprouting out of the ground. I planted most of the rest of the yard today and am keeping my fingers crossed for rain!
* I planted my garden about a month ago. In full sun. That was *before* all of the huge trees in our yard had leaves. I noticed today that there is NOWHERE in my WHOLE yard that is in full sun. This will be excellent for the summer but for my veggies? Not so much. Hoping they will be ok!
* Our new-new-swingset was delivered today. Not to be confused with the old-new-swingset that was delivered on Wednesday. After a 10.5 hour installation process it was riddled with holes and a loose screw or two. I cried. We went to the store showed them pictures and today a man arrived with a NEW BIGGER BETTER swingset--mostly assembled and in 1 hour had our old-new-one down and the new-new-one up! It's awesome. I was secretly just hoping for a price reduction but a new and bigger and better swingset has left me satisfied! So Yay!
* My husband's music team participated in the National Finals of ICHSA (acappella competition)  and they placed second in the nation! Woo hoo! I"m so proud of him! He also won the prize of best arrangements which was exciting because he arranged all of their songs himself! Yay honey!
* My E-boy has awoken! Time to fetch him!
Happy Saturday!


JerseyGranny said...

Praise God from Who all blessings flow!

Hilary said...

That's really cool that your husband is in an accapella group!

Also, I heard that full sun means only 6-8 hours a day, hopefully being shaded in the REALLY hot later afternoon times.

I bet your garden will grow fine.
{found you on blogher}