Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm so bummed that all of my *more than one child in a shot* pictures came out so poorly! I think we're going to wear our Easter outfits again in 2 weeks and try a do-over.  =)


Sarah - Roots and Wings said...

Or everyday until they do turn out!
If it's any consolation (and I'm thinking it is!), they're super cute!!

Julie said...

I LOVE those sweaters!

Hopefully in two weeks your pics will turn out better. Even if they don't, the kids are still adorable. :)

Madre said...

don't give could always try the laundry basket technique that I used with your brothers....and poor amels....just keeps smiling (she deserves a medal)

JerseyGranny said...

Our precious Beacon! We'll all laugh about this some day. I had a chat with her recently about what she was going to do about pictures at her wedding. She put her finger to her lips and said, "Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, No." Love her!