Friday, April 29, 2011

friday night already?

i am in love with this week and so sad that it is flying by!
what a wonderful treat to have my husband and my amelie home all day everyday
it's my super favorite!
i spent a good chunk of the day digging out all the landscaping out front, rearranging what was there and adding some new plants! yay! i've been dying to work on this project!
i'd post a picture but alas, my neighbors have been outside talking on the lawn for hours and hours and i feel weird going out there and taking a picture of our front yard with 20 people 5 feet away. 
i'm a chicken like that.
seriously though, that's a long time to have a conversation--they have been out there since 1:30ish and it's past 7 now--i'm pretty sure i wouldn't even have that much to say to my favorite people in the world, no less, people you live next to. 
it's probably me that's odd though and not them--they are happy and laughing, it's good. =)
anyways, the babies are asleep (and were early as there was NO napping today) and amelie is at granny's house for a sleepover/yard sale extravaganza! 
and mr wonderful is fully intoxicated with a local store's triple coupon weekend and has been sorting coupons for the last hour to figure out what we can get for free.
anyways, i'm gonna get netflixy in a minute with *the tourist*
i'll let you know how it turns out!

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